Web Application Platform and Web Desktop

Our web application platform is a web desktop for business applications, which provides much more user friendly functions than previous web portals.

  • Anytime, anywhere without installation
  • Integration of any web applications
  • User-friendly more than desktop operating systems
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SAML Cordova Plugin

The SAML Cordova plugin opens up your mobile HTML5 application the full range of SAML 2.0-based authentication of users with a single step.

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SQLremote Cordova Plugin

By SQLremote Cordova Plugin for Mobile Apps servers receive direct access to the data, stored in the mobile application on the mobile device in SQLite.

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HRdoc Employment Contract Generator

By HRdoc employment contract generator the creation of employment contracts becomes safer and more efficient.

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Software Development

Founded in 1997, comcube GmbH possesses more than fifteen years' experience in the development and realisation of custom-tailored business applications.

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Rich Internet Applications

Rich internet applications offer numerous advantages in comparison to locally installed programs. Improved ease of use is one of them.

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Mobile Touch Apps

comcube's innovative solutions for mobile devices increase productivity in the workplace and make business processes more manageable.

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Visual Business Process Modelling

We deploy Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) 2.0 to visualize business processes and steer the development of applications.

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