Personalmagazin 03.2012 - Complex Work with Risk of Error

"... Cominform HRdoc, specially devised for the creation of legally secure employment contracts..." Translated extract from German article, March 2012.

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MidrangeMagazin 02.2012 - Secure Generation of Staff Contracts

"... The vast majority of workforce time and energy in personnel departments is taken up in composing and maintaining various types of documents. Reasons for the high time cost include the abundance of national and international laws and guidelines and the constant changes and add-ons that make the generation and maintenance of contracts a highly complex and extremely error-prone activity..." Translated extract from German article, Feb 2012,

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Arbeit und Arbeitsrecht 04.2011 - Optimized Creation of Employment Contracts

"... HRdoc (Cominform) is a specialized tool for the automated generation of employment contracts. It can be integrated into any IT environment as a client/server solution or with a browser interface. Information supplied by the developer states that even those users possessing no experience in issues of labour law can use the program to automatically generate employment contracts on the PC. Freely configurable workflows control the approval process, while customizable access rights allow selected templates to be made available only to authorized users. A logic check ensures that changes to text modules do not result in the inclusion of legally unenforceable wording, and the version check allows the user to trace any changes made... " Translated extract from German article, April 2011,

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DV als Kernkompetenz 10.2005 - Operating Technology / Maintenance

"Integrated software solution reduces administration costs... " Translated extract of German article, October 2010

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