Our Experience with Migration from Lotus Notes to Exchange

For a couple of weeks now we are struggling with migration from IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft Outlook/Exchange. To accomplish this, we tested tools by Systools, Binary Tree and EddieExport.     
One objective of our researches was to find a tool that enables one of our customers to migrate about 150 users from Lotus Notes to Exchange.
This article is intended to share our experiences regarding using migrations tools.


The user interface of Systools Export to Notes is quite simple and self explaining. There are options to select and filter the data that should be migrated to Outlook/Exchange 2013. After a click on OK you are done. The tool creates a PST file that can be imported to Outlook/Exchange.

Regarding mails and contacts everything was working fine so far, but we have been facing massive problems due to calendar entries, especially repeating calendar entries. The import to Exchange regardless of using the GUI and powershell always fails with errors "TooManyBadItemsPermanentException" Code -2146233088.  We contacted Systools support and for more than 6 weeks they tried to fix our problems, but no matter what configuration settings we have been using, repeating calendar entries could not be imported to Exchange 2013. 

To solve our issue Systools support even provided us the more complex tool Mail Migration 2010 without further costs (it can handle multiuser exports). First approaches using a direct import into Exchange 2013 -without a previous export to PST file- seem to work, but even this tool fails when one wants to migrate a mailbox, where the Microsoft Active Directory Display Name, Alias Name and User Logon Name are NOT the same.

At last we spend a huge amount of work time (even Systools support) without achieving a satisfying result.


BinaryTree offers a complex tool Notes-to-Exchange. In opposite to Systools or EddieExport you are facing a so called 'feature monster'. It seems that every configuration setting you can think of concerning Lotus Notes to Exchange migration is already implemented in this tool. To take an abbreviation we asked BinaryTree for support. We came to the conclusion that this tool is too sophisticated to migrate a small amount of user mailboxes.


At present we are putting to test a tool by EddieExport. The GUI is quite simple and offers the selection to create PST files or to use a direct import to Exchange for single and multiusers. The EddieExport tool provides settings for selecting and filtering data. Furthermore the user has options to choose the Exchange folders e.g. the calendar entries should be migrated to.

Till now all tests are quite satisfying. Using the export to PST file, all Lotus Notes mail data - including repeating calendar entries- could be migrated successfully to Exchange without running into problems.



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