Custom-Tailored Applications

For both ERP and non-ERP solutions, we develop applications that are tailored precisely to align with your business processes. This increases the applications' range of customer benefits and reduces their complexity.

We use creative, pragmatic ideas to solve seemingly very complex challenges - and we do so autonomously and intelligently.  Our way of working allows our customers to focus solely on their core business activities, and they're grateful for the chance to do so.

How much forced conformity to standard solutions can a company bear?  At what point does its originality and competitive edge begin to be compromised by the adjustment of work processes to accommodate standard software? Custom solutions bridge gaps and are tailored specifically to your value chain. With that said, we're well aware that a company-specific, custom-developed work process cannot function long term on the basis of Word, Excel and similar.  We turn precarious, Excel- and Word-based makeshift solutions into clean, functional operational procedures.

  • Specialized solutions
  • Integration into the existing ERP
  • Connection of customers and suppliers
  • Migration of existing solutions
  • Mobile touch applications

Format mismatch between desktop and mobile applications is rendered a thing of the past.


Free yourself from the constraints of a cumbersome standard solution and increase your levels of success and efficiency through well-devised, optimized solutions that fit your company needs.

  • Enhanced employee satisfaction and sense of corporate identity
  • Sustainable reduction in cost along the entire value chain
  • Reduced costs and increased productivity result in faster ROI


Our outstanding web-based rich client user interface affords each user comfortable access to all the data they need.

  • Improved flow of information allows quicker access to business-critical data
  • Integrated IT infrastructure, achieved through the incorporation of existing information technology


Facilitate higher levels of satisfaction amongst your users by providing solutions with higher standards of usability than those currently offered by native rich client desktop applications.  This increases productivity.

Reduced IT Expenditure

Our zero-complexity architecture guarantees no accrual of expense for you on the client side. Our applications can be provisioned in super-quick time.

Replacement of Legacy Systems

There exist a large number of software solutions that have already been perfected via years' worth of technical development; in fact, such solutions are so common as to have become ubiquitous. But this continued development has a flip side: over time, technologies and platforms become obsolete, with the effect that their upkeep and maintenance - in the case of both standard software AND custom solutions - becomes ever more complex. Desire for an alternative is growing - but what?

We believe our cloud applications to represent the ideal platform for all your future software needs. Making the switch makes sense!