Business Intelligence and Reporting Systems

Our BI solutions function as a dependable basis for decision making. They compile, process, and distribute decision-relevant data, placing your company figures at your fingertips.

Such solutions enable you to reduce costs as well as to plan, steer and oversee your organisation's development. The technologies involved range from simple reporting right up to data warehouses and data mining. The days of flawed, incomplete Excel tables are firmly in the past.

Online Reports

Native applications are our recommended choice for accomplishing reporting activities in a manageable and straightforward way. Such applications allow all types of key figures to be computed in just the same way as a complex OLAP system does. Users are able to examine sets of key figures in more depth by means of the drill-down function. Diagrams and comprehensive dashboards can also be created, enabling the consolidation of heterogeneous data sources into central sets of key figures.

So long as reports do not require frequent or dynamic changes to be made, this type of solution has much to recommend it.

Crystal Reports

SAP Crystal Reports is the leading tool for the provisioning of reports.

We integrate Crystal Reports into your software environment (e.g. into Lotus Domino/Notes) and guarantee trouble-free data exchange upon integration. We also prepare reports, enabling you to quickly and easily get to grips with company figures.


Jaspersoft is enjoying increasing popularity as a solution, particularly in the web application field.

It facilitates the realisation of complete online BI solutions as well as the creation of impressively detailed reports.

Our foremost use of this solution is for the generation of exhaustive reports. These reports can be issued as PDFs or printed.