IBM Lotus Domino/Notes Development

We possess more than fifteen years' experience in the development of customer-tailed applications under Lotus Notes. Our accumulated specialist expertise has afforded us an excellent understanding of all types of business process. We use this expertise to quickly and efficiently translate your requirements into well-functioning solutions.

New Development

Where the necessary infrastructure exists, we are happy to develop new applications under Lotus Notes. Where it does not, use of our cloud platform has much to recommend it as an alternative.

Customization and Extension

Our long-standing experience enables us to quickly and efficiently take on the maintenance, customization and extension of all applications, even third-party ones. We work with an extensive range of tools to analyze existing applications and are able to extend and supplement them regardless of possible obsolescence. Though documentation and other similar materials are helpful in accomplishing these tasks, we can work without them if so required.

Alternative to Lotus Notes

For decades, IBM Lotus Domino/Notes was an enormously efficient development environment for business applications offering outstanding opportunities for the implementation of work processes. But with increasing demands for mobility and flexibility and a move away from operating system dependency, Lotus Domino/Notes has begun to lag behind.

In cases where significant changes are required, a change of platform may prove a practical and beneficial decision. Our powerful web application platform represents an advantageous alternative.