Mobile & Touch

Mobile applications - especially those for touch-controlled tablet PCs and smartphones - represent significantly increased benefit to the end user and their productivity.

Online Web-Based

We follow the same principle here as with our desktop web applications: the user interface must have a functional range that is at least equal to that of a native application. Our innovative technology enables us to achieve that goal. Our web applications are designed to be controlled using typical gestures and to be indistinguishable from their non-web-based counterparts..

The advantage for our customers is that no roll-outs via app stores are necessary. The data resides permanently on the server and is always current. At the same time, the web application permits access even to such features as the camera of a device.

  • Full gesture support
  • Full access control
  • No data held on mobile devices
  • No rollout procedure via the app stores of the respective operating systems


Where highly specific, device-dependent functions are required, native development is the method of choice. It's also the optimal choice for ensuring the speed of graphics-related functions. We draw on the experience of a talented developer network to help us fulfil these requirements.


In situations where no suitable internet connection is available, the web application is usually packaged in a container file. This container can be installed natively on your end device via the app store; we use Cordova or PhoneGap for this purpose.

Significant advantages are:

  • Unified design across all end devices
  • One-time development cost; no native application development for the different operating systems for tablet PCs and smartphones
  • Easy, automated roll-out in app stores
  • Compatible with all end devices and operating systems

These variants combines the advantages of both the pure web solution and the native solution.

  • Camera support
  • Offline data
  • Geotracking / Localization

Hybrid managed

Sencha Space offers an excellent platform for mobile apps with a small to medium number of users in the business field.

  • Encrypted offline data store
  • User administration
  • Device management, e.g. remote wipe
  • Central homepage for multiple applications
  • Client support
  • Only one app to install from the app store, the Sencha Space client
  • Communication between different applications