Rich Internet Applications

The cominform team possesses long-standing experience in the development of rich internet/web applications.

Flawless function and maximum user benefit are the primary goals of our development - and our decades-long experience in business process management ensures that we achieve them.

Best of all, our sophisticated approach necessitates no special requirements or adaptations at your end - our web applications function with any web browser and on any operating system.  

Users can operate our applications in the same way as they do their usual choice of desktop application.  Our web applications are subject to uncompromising standards in regard to their ease of operation.

Our completely innovative technical approach enables an orderly structure to be used for the application architecture.  This, in turn, enables the separation of user interface, business logic and data pool.

Sencha ExtJS

We rely on Sencha ExtJS und Sencha Touch during development. These tools assist us in the quick and efficient implementation of your requirements.

Individually Customized Diagrams

ExtJS works with a range of diagram types. However, all conform to a default layout. We adapt this diagram layout and integrate specific elements (such as legends) using vector graphics.

Large Amounts of Data in a Tree Structure

Large amounts of data and content are organized according to a structure. It is important that the user is able to view data structures, since this allows them to quickly and fully understand the links between data items and to process said items.

We have succeeded in rendering data structures viewable in such a way that the user is supplied with all necessary functions without the speed or efficiency of the application being compromised.

Until now, the "grid" has referred mainly to the representation of data in tabular form, and the "tree" components have failed to function with the necessary speed. For this reason, the classic "infinite scrolling grid" has been adapted to represent the data in "tree" form.

Key features:

  • Entire structure can be expanded or collapsed
  • Particular nodes can be expanded or collapsed
  • Particular nodes inc. subnodes can be expanded or collapsed
  • All functions can be carried out via the keyboard
  • Nodes and subnodes remain expanded or collapsed when the user closes the application and opens it again later
  • Scroll bar is always proportional to the size of the tree
  • Filter according to values in selected node levels
  • Infinite scrolling: Only viewable data is loaded. The user can move around quickly within the structure
  • Ordering of individual category levels can be freely determined by the user
  • Optimal levels of speed, even for very large amounts of data
  • Number of data items in a node can be displayed

Selected nodes expanded

All nodes expanded

Filter by category


We develop interfaces and individual data fields in multiple languages if so required.