HRdoc Employment Contract Generator

HRdoc Employment Contract Generator

Personnel management. Act before problems arise.

Recruiting the right personnel is a difficult task. Applicants must not only demonstrate an overall superiority to their counterparts in terms of qualifications and suitability for the task - they must also fit in with the team on a personal level. Before they have chance to begin work, however, the legal side of things must be carefully attended to. Regardless of whether the new recruit holds a managerial role or a temporary one - a correct and legally incontestable employment contract must be generated in each and every case. The smallest of mistakes in this regard can result in huge costs as well as in the obvious stress caused to the affected departments.

HRdoc helps your personnel management to optimize this work process and to eliminate time-consuming and costly errors forever.


  • Reduces workload
  • Improves processing time
  • Ensures contract wording is correct
  • Reduces workload for proofing and review
  • Defines responsibilities
  • Ensures clean formatting
  • Minimizes consequential costs arising from legal disputes
  • Structured templates

Flexible Configuration

  • Attributes / Input fields
  • Text modules
  • Templates
  • Exhibits and appendices
  • Formatting
  • Multi-tenancy
  • Granting of administrative priveleges
  • Validities


Document templates - which can be adapted flexibly to the accommodate the details of the current or future employee - are configured, checked and deposited in preparation for use of the tool. The way the templates are set up means the document you need is never more than the push of a button away. This applies regardless of the nature of the employee or the specific form in which the document is required.

The regular, day-to-day generation of documents through the processing aspect of the tool will then function automatically. The need for documents to be reviewed by a senior individual or body is, on the whole, eliminated. Documents are produced as non-editable PDFs and can be printed immediately upon creation.

Should a situation arise in which text passages, clauses or paragraphs must be adapted or amended, the user makes the necessary modifications on a contract-by-contract basis. The tool can be used to define whether changes must be reviewed by a supervisory body - and if so, which changes and by whom. Each change and review is recorded in the history.

PDF Contracts at the Press of a Button

  • Employment contracts
  • Amendment contracts
  • Severance agreements
  • and more