SAML Cordova Plugin

The SAML Cordova plugin provides to your mobile HTML5 application with a single step, the full range of SAML 2.0-based authentication of users.

Concerns about the non-existing multi-user application on the mobile operating system are obsolete. Mobile business applications are finally integrated directly and completely in the security landscape with roles, groups, and permissions of the regular business applications.

Identity Provider

The SAML Cordova plugin supports any kind of identity provider. Via the IdP you have the freedom to any type of user directory to use (Directory Service) for authentication, for example, LDAP, AD and others.

Some examples of Identity Provider:

  • Microsoft Windows Active Directory Federation Services (ADFS)
  • Shibboleth, an Open Source solution
  •, an online cloud service
  • and much more

The identity provider has only to match the SAML 2.0 standard.


All attributes, which are defined in the user directory, are available through the JavaScript API in HTML5 Cordova / PhoneGap application.

In addition to the user's details as groups, roles, permissions and other information can be provided and used in the actual application for controlling program functions.

Service Provider

To communicate with the service provider, so your application server, via WebSockets and thus highly efficient.

Alternatively, other methods can be used.

Online and Offline


If the user is online, the authentication by means of SAML ECP is based on the connection to the service provider and the identity provider.

Thanks ECP a redirect to the login screen of the identity provider is not necessary. The login screen is provided and can be implemented much more easily by the mobile HTML5 application.


Often mobile devices are not or only slowly connected to the Internet. Also in this case provides the SAML Cordova plugin for HTML5 Cordova / PhoneGap application the possibility of user authentication.

For this, among other things the assertion with all its attributes cached.


With our SAML Cordova plugin you are free to decide whether you want to operate the SAML infrastructure itself from a cloud service IdP or for reasons of data protection on premise.