SQLremote Cordova Plugin

By SQLremote Cordova Plugin server applications receive direct access to the data stored in the mobile application on the mobile device in SQLite.

  • For the implementation of data synchronization are on the server side better options available.
  • The computational effort and thus the power consumption on mobile devices is reduced.
  • The program logic of the mobile app is kept smaller.
  • Taking care of the program logic on the serverside is easier.


The SQLremote Cordova Plugin is easily integrated in addition to the SQLite plugin in the mobile application. From this moment on the SQLremote Cordova Plugin handles SQL queries of any server application or from the current in Cordova mobile HTML5 web application as a single interface.

The SQLREMOTE Cordova Plugin supports all SQL statements that can be performed by SQLite.

In addition, multiple statements can be processed on any OS.


  • SQLite (actual version)
  • iOS (where SQLite is available)
  • Android (where SQLite is available)
  • Windows Phone (on request)


The communication between the server and SQLremote Cordova Plugin is preferably performed via a web socket connection. Through that connection normal SQL statements are sent by the server application to the SQLremote Cordova Plugin. The results of the query are returned in JSON format.

For the Cordova mobile HTML5 web application there is an API. This handled simultane access from remote and local.

Authentication & Encryption

Together with our SAML Cordova Plugin authentication takes place on the server via SAML 2.0 and the transfer of the SQL data is encrypted,