The comfortable interface of our cloud applications belies the minimal expenditure of time and cost required on rollout.

  • A user-selected database server and web server are required on the server side. The existing infrastructure can often be used.
  • Only a web browser is required on the client side. Java, plugins, Silverlight, Flash and others are not required. The user interface is based solely on HTML and Javascript.

Any web browser can be used.

Our application platform and technology is ideally configured for the integration of a diverse range of systems. The underlying architecture is completely open and is accessible from anywhere. The user is afforded access to all types of interface. Any kind of database can be directly integrated.

The choice of end device, too, is completely open: desktop or mobile, mouse or touch.

  • ERP
  • Desktop applications
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • IBM Lotus Notes
  • and many more