Reduced IT Expenditure

The number of software applications and solutions used by a single business is now so expansive that the operation of these applications and solutions alone is a significant cost factor. It makes little difference in this regard whether a company deploys standard solutions or custom software developments. It's rare, however, that serious consideration is given to the actual total costs of ownership.

Companies tend primarily to focus on licence costs or acquisitions costs. Migration from an existing system is usually also planned and the associated costs accounted for. However, the subsequent training of users in the use of new software is frequently treated as a marginal concern.

As well as supplying high quality, technically competent solutions, cominform helps to ensure their efficient and cost-effective operation.

Provisioning of Solutions

Our solutions do not need to be rolled out to users; no new software packages must be installed at work stations. The user requires only their preferred choice of web browser in order to be able to use our web applications.

This applies in the case of both the normal desktop PC and the terminal server  that is accessed by the user via RDP or via a remote session.

New Operating Systems

The wheel of time turns ever faster, and this is certainly true of operating systems - perhaps even as a result of of the constant release of new versions. Our solutions function without the installation of packages or modules on the desktop PC, which means that you don't have to deal with the hassle of ensuring their compatibility with the latest version of your preferred system.


Updates to our solutions occur exclusively on the server side, meaning that no new software or modules must be installed in order for newer versions of the applications to be used.

The need for complex packaging has been eliminated completely. 

Third-Party Applications

It's very common for applications on a desktop PC to mutually affect each other through the version conflict that arises when certain versions of application modules or packages interact. Our solutions remove the potential for conflict completely: no Java version conflict, no urgent .NET updates.